Arthur shoots himself in the foot

Arthur Morris will be feeling pretty pleased with himself this morning and Cactus Kate needs to go sunbathing more often.

However it is about now that Arty Morris will realise he has screwed up big time and rather than a big win he will be madly scrambling around wondering what the fuck to do next. Matthew Hooton meanwhile will be getting a special answer on his fee cheque.

You see Arty, in his wisdom has grabbed back the most profitable parts of the testing from the DHB. The DHB and in particular Pat Snedden have fallen for the DML and Hooton spin without examining the facts. and once again the repeater at the Herald, Martin “DML”? Johnson, has swallowed both Hooton’s and Arty’s lines, bait, hook and all without even some basic research.

You see DML simply doesn’t have the pathologists in their histology department to do the tests they are now supposed to be doing. The best and brightest went off to work for Labtests in their Histology department. New Zealand is so small that it is almost unfeasible to have real competitors in such specialised areas. One must also remember that DML came into existance through amalgamation of two separate medical laboratory companies.

The real story, the one that Martin “DML” Johnson won’t be telling the public and is left to the likes of Cactus Kate and this blogger to reveal is that the Histology Department at DML, where all the complex work is supposed to be done preparing the slides for the pathologists to read is in complete disarray. They are seriously worried about how they will handle all that lucrative work that is now heading their way that Arty and Hooton’s spin got them.

All of the former senior staff at the DML histology department who are now happily working at LabTests (yes the same guys, doing the same work, at a different location) are regarded as amongst the best in New Zealand were slagged off by Arty and his band of merry men that they are not feeling particularly disposed to helping Arty out of his self inflicted predicament. Arty personally denigrated virtually the whole histology department.

In the weeks leading up to the final handover DML were flying in histology staff from Australia to shore up the failing department.

Ultimately I think that Pat Snedden needs a bullet. He has royally screwed this up and fallen for the stories of the vested interests that infest the Health system. Time for the Minister to weild the scalpel and cut the cancer from the DHBs. They alone have pissed away taxpayers money by entertaining the inept shenangins of Arty Morris.