Being Hugged by the Left

The left always goes on about how caring and sharing they are, then one day you find out up close and personal just how caring and sharing they really are. Eddie, paid lap-blogger at The Standard writes a post about me that purports to be caring and sharing about my “mental illness”. In fact it it a serious of veiled insults and threats to the media that because I suffer a mental illness that nothing I say can be of any value. His, and Eddie is a he, commenters jump in and all say hear, hear. I posted a response but as is usual for that bunch of control freak assholes they have decided not to let it through their moderation.

Mental illness is not a laughing matter, it is serious and can be very hard on the people affected and those who care for them. People who are afflicted by mental illness are not necessarily ?nuts? or ?crazy? but I think that when we look at Cameron?s blog it is clearly not the product of a healthy mind ? to those for whom that wasn?t clear beforehand, it certainly is now.

No it isn’t a laughing matter, but what remotely qualifies “Eddie” to make those comments. As you can see very carefully crafted to appear caring but in fact a serious of slurs and sleights. Apparently according to “Eddie” my mind isn’t healthy. I suffer depression so therefore my mind isn’t healthy….like to know how that one works. According to Wikipedia;

People who may have had depression include English author Mary Shelley, American-British writer Henry James and American president Abraham Lincoln. Some well-known contemporary people with possible depression include Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen and American playwright and novelist Tennessee Williams. Some pioneering psychologists, such as Americans William James and John B. Watson, dealt with their own depression. There has been a continuing discussion of whether neurological disorders and mood disorders may be linked to creativity, a discussion that goes back to Aristotelian times. British literature gives many examples of reflections on depression. English philosopher John Stuart Mill experienced a several-months-long period of what he called “a dull state of nerves”, when one is “unsusceptible to enjoyment or pleasurable excitement; one of those moods when what is pleasure at other times, becomes insipid or indifferent”. He quoted English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge‘s “Dejection” as a perfect description of his case: “A grief without a pang, void, dark and drear, / A drowsy, stifled, unimpassioned grief, / Which finds no natural outlet or relief / In word, or sigh, or tear”. English writer Samuel Johnson used the term “the black dog” in the 1780s to describe his own depression, and it was subsequently popularized by depression sufferer former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

Nice so “Eddie”, the caring and sharing spinmeister of the paid lap-blog thinks that Winston Churchill, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Stuart Mill, Tennesee Williams, Leonard Cohen amonsgt other all have unhealthy minds. Lovely. Nice guy. C*nt.

It?s interesting that several other prominent right-wing bloggers have admitted that for them, too, blogging is a way they deal with mental illness, a way of taking out their anger, hurt, and pain on the world. Is that wrong? No. But we should see it for what it is ? self-therapy, not rational political discourse.

I think there is a lesson here for the media. Cameron was obviously unwell and that should have given journalists pause both before running his stories and citing him as a commentator of note, and before exposing him to pressures he could not handle through greater public exposure.

Some more bashes from Eddie and a veiled threat to the media that clearly as he stated above that as my mind is unhealthy, plus other right wing bloggers similarly have had issues with depression then they are also unhealthy and so therefore their ideas are unhealthy and must at all costs be discounted and not used by the media, all dressed up in nice caring words but in actuality are nothing but a pouring of vitriol and anguish that the invisible, so far, Eddie can’t get traction in the media.

Using his logic as well the achievements of John Kirwan on the rugby field must also be discounted and mitigated away because he too was a sufferer of depression. Those tries he scored don’t really count because before the game he was spewing his guts out into bog. Despite the fact that he was the best winger in the rugby world at the time it is clear that his mind was unhealthy and therefore he wasn’t so great after all.

When you seek a list of famous people who have suffered depression you can see that it is quite some list, yet according to “Eddie” they really shouldn’t have been taken seriously after all. All of their achievements were the products of “unhealthy” minds and therefore can be discounted as the mad ravings of a lunatic.

Buzz Aldrin, Woody Allen, Hans Christian Anderson, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Winston Churchill, T.S. Elliot, Marcus Epstein, Harrison Ford, Stephen Fry, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Oppenheimer, Mozart, Isacc Newton, Friedrich Nietzsche, JK Rowling, even darling of the Climate Changists Jim Salinger, Mark Twain and so on and on and on. Funny, I didn’t notice “Eddie” jumping in and commenting on Dancer’s post that what Jim Salinger has to say must be discounted because he suffers from depression. According to “Eddie’s” theory of depression Climate Change must now be a construct of an “unhealthy” mind.

“Eddie” is a c*nt. His post demeans every sufferer of depression who despite their illness goes on and achieves wonderful things. In “Eddies” world these achievements must be diminished and ignored as the results of an “unhealthy” mind. Have I mentioned “Eddie” is a c*nt? He isn’t even brave enough to put his real name out there so who is the soft one here boyo?

Now Cameron is receiving the sickness benefit. A lot of those who formerly idolised him are attacking him as a bludger and that?s not fair. The sickness and invalid?s benefits are there to protect people who can?t work and their families from destitution. People on sickness and invalids benefits are not bludgers, they are people afflicted by illness, and that can happen to anyone ? even your hero.

Again, how can he know this. As of right now I am not on the sickness benefit. You see the state in all of its caring just can’t care fast enough. It has been three months since an application has been submitted and still no answer. Too bad if you didn’t have caring friends and family to assist you. It is interesting to go and sit in the Work and Income office as you wait patiently for one of the the staff to see you. You see more than half of the staff aren’t with anyone, they walk slower than drunk with a hangover and all get up like automatons right on the button of whenever the rules stipulate their tea-breaks should be and leave the “customers” all sitting their in their misery. Again the delusion of the left that the state can fix everything is just that a delusion, and they have the temerity to call me mental and “unhealthy”.

Well fuck them all, they should be very glad and grateful that so far in their pathetic and miserable lives that they haven’t suffered from depression. It certainly is up there with cancer as one of the things you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, even Winston.

Being hugged by the caring left left is like being hugged by a Puffer Fish.

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