Big Dad doing easy Lag

The Herald reports that el Jefe aka Big Dad aka Phillip Field is doing easy time in prison for his corruption and bribery convictions. Just in case you have forgotten Phillip Field was the first MP convicted of bribery, corruption and perverting the course of justice charges whilst he was serving as a Labour Party MP.

Prison guards are upset Taito Phillip Field is getting special treatment and being kept shielded from other prisoners.

A senior guard contacted the Weekend Herald to say the disgraced former MP was not sent to the old Mt Eden Prison – known as “the Rock” – after his sentencing on corruption charges.

Field bypassed this regular process and was instead placed in the newer remand prison on the Mt Eden site which was “a much easier time”.

The guard said Field “should have been put in the Rock like every other Tom, Dick and Harry”.

I agree, he should be doing time like everyone else. Instead he has now been moved to SpringHill Holiday Camp Prison. Personally I think he should be in the dingiest cell the department can find sharing with another prisoner called Bubba.

I wonder though he he could “by-pass” regular processes, has he used corruption and bribery again to circumvent our legal processes? Perhaps the minister could ask for an inquiry by the department into the processes involved from the time “Big Dad” was sentenced to his arrival at SpringHill to ascertain whether normal procedure was followed.