Confusing signals from Disaster Tourists

On one post we have Winnie Luimachuwumbama Laban saying;

Phil Goff and Annette King, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, encouraged Chris Carter (Foreign Affairs Spokesperson) and I to go to Samoa. We did not want to make any fuss or attract any media interviews, we just went as soon as we could.

Then we have Chris Carter saying;

I am so glad she agreed to go with me to Samoa. She was not only a wonderful travelling companion, but her understanding of the appropriate cultural approach and her Samoan language skills meant we could engage with those affected by this terrible natural disaster in the most sensitive ways

So what is the truth?

Or are they both lying and why is Chris Carter’s shirt sooooooooo white? These two are nothing short of vampirish disaster tourists. They took seats that real aid workers could have had.