Crime Tip of the Week: How to spot a real boy-racer

Whaleoil’s spies have been busy. So busy that I have more than information now to start a regular column of Crime Tip of the Week.

This weeks Crime Tip is how to spot a real boy-racer.

Boy-racers are actually the motor racing equivalent of cruising poofs looking for a random hookup. The secret to their communication is actually quite simple and similar in many ways to cruising poofs who put bananas a certain way in their shopping trolley or who cruise by the well known “gloryhole” public conveniences.

What the boy racers do is have a For sale sign on their car, have you ever noticed how many of them do? the For Sale sign has two distinguishing features;


  1. the For in For Sale is actually a number 4 but written backwards
  2. Their cellphone number

So there you have it. How to spot a boy racer. They are like cruising poofs, looking for random shag, always with an eye out for a reversed 4 on a for sale sign on the car. Next time you pull up beside such a vehicle wind down the window and calling them cruising poofs….that’ll soon put an end to the boy-racer phenomenon, that and crushing the cars.