DomPost continues my research

The troughing of MP’s is extensive and probably due to the close mateship of Vernon Small with John Pagani, Phil Goff’s strategist the DomPost has focused mainly on National MPs troughing with electorate offices.

Though they do highlight the troughing of Stuart “The Rooter” Nash, whose ambition for being an MP is said to be root as many women in Wellington as possible. Of course once again they had to rely on good on Whaleoil for revealing he had a new office in Napier which I blogged about a couple of months ago.

Labour list MP Stuart Nash has bought a property in Napier to use as his office, which he owns through his personal superannuation fund.

Mr Nash defended his arrangements saying he was charging only $12,000 a year in rent, significantly less than the market rate valued by Parliamentary Service.

“If you do the sums, it’s a better use of taxpayers’ money because it is less than the market rent.”

Only a bloody socialist would buy a property to rent out for less than the market rent. What a loser. I have no problem with the government paying market rents for offices, what I do have a problem with is the government pouring money into the pockets of MPs and parties who we already pour substantial amounts of money into.

The MSM wonders why we call them repeaters but when they use the exact phrase I used to describe the prime ministers rental arrangements you wonder no more.

National whip Jo Goodhew said Prime Minister John Key owns his electorate office, and rent was independently valued in 2003.

“The rent received is less than that independent valuation. This arrangement is in accord with Parliamentary Service rules,” she said.

The Dominion Post understands it is set at “peppercorn” levels.

Yes the quote marks are around ppercorn because they got the information from me the lazy wankers. The repeaters also don’t know what a capital gain is. They clearly don’t understand a captial gain is only realised once the property is SOLD.

Dr Smith appears to have made a big capital gain on his Nelson office, which he bought in 1996 for $165,000 and was valued in 2006 at $310,000.

And $165k is hardly a BIG capital gain, rather pathetic if you ask me. Just so that the lazy repeaters can say that they had some balance they tack onto the end of the article a bit about Labour’s extensive troughing to fund their property portfolio. Note they accept without question the assertions of a Labour party spokesperson. Considering one of their own is in the pokey as of last week for bribery and corruption it is hardly acceptable to take the word of any of them.

A Labour spokesman said the party rented offices it owned to MPs Ross Robertson, Chris Carter, Ruth Dyson and Su’a William Sio. Two other Labour-owned offices ? in New Plymouth and Wanganui ? were used as hubs for list MPs.

Parliamentary Service figures show the average rent for the Labour offices was $13,500.

PS figures show…..pfffft this is the core of the problem, we are talking about averages here. Dollars to Donuts Chris “Cruiser” Carter’s office is way above the average rent.

Open parliamentary Services up to the OIA so we can see extensively how and why MPs continue to enrich themselves and their parties at our expense, and even better stop these idiots in Wellington playing propert managers at which they are clearly doing a bollocks job of and get it done professionally.

The Greens though having been well caught, like Uncle Fucker in his nephew, have decided to sell the properties in question to staunch the bad press. it shouldn’t though because these pricks have been troughing since the Greens first entered parliament. Going home each night cozy in the thought that their super nest egg was being funded cozily by the taxpayer.