It was all just a "mistake"

The troughing of the Greens MPs has finally come to the full public light. As is the way of the socialists they claim it was all just a big mistake.

The Green Party has admitted it was claiming almost double the market rent for a house occupied by two of its MPs and owned by its Superannuation Fund.

The Greens secretly repaid about $6000 to the Parliamentary Service.

Co-leader Metiria Turei admitted the repayment under questioning on Q&A yesterday.

Between February and May this year Green MPs Jeanette Fitzsimons and Catherine Delahunty paid $1000 a week rent for a Wellington property – nearly double the market rate.

The property was owned by the Greens’ Superannuation Fund.

Kind of makes Double Dipton’s rorting pale into insignificance. But it is worse for the Greens.

During the debate about Finance Minister Bill English’s ministerial housing allowance, the Greens criticised other parties for keeping details of expenses secret and called for transparency.

The overpaid rent was sorted out shortly before the Greens made their expenses public.

The Greens and now indeed all MPs need to come clean about all their expenses. It is high time that the OIA applied not only to Ministerial Services but also to parliamentary services as well.

I bet we hear very little from Trevor Mallard who has been pursuing Simon William English, former state tenant of Karori rather over zealously considering his rather messy personal life. The funded lap-bloggers at The Standard also won’t say a peep, even though they have been trying to paint Simon William English, former state tenant of Karori as somehow corrupt despite their vigorous defense of Winston peters for all those years.

The point is that the public can know very little about the troughing of MPs and I consider the legal rorting of the system by the Greens by using the contrivance of their superannuation fund as but one example of how the rules are setup to the financial benefit of the MPs themselves at the expense of the poor unsuspecting taxpayer who are preventing knowing the exact details by those same troughing MPs enriching themselves from our pockets.