Kick him to touch

I have been accused via phone and in several emails of defending Bill English’s troughing in my post of yesterday. A very careful reading of that post would show no defence of Bill English at all. It was an unmitigated attack against an unmitigated liar Trevor “Putin” Mallard.

Now that the Auditor-General has delivered her report we can now put the silly housing troughing story behind us and concentrate on Bill English for his prevarication, his do-nothing-ness and his unwillingness to ever make a decision good or bad. Oh that he would make a bad decision, at least it would be a decision to DO something even if it was bad.

He simply sits and analyses everything to death. It was his failing as leader of the National Party where in the end he his nihilism dragged the party to its lowest ever poll rating.

Cactus Kate has perfectly analysed why Bill English is a dick and needs to as Finance Minister. Simply put he hasn’t done a thing. Labour should be encouraging Bill English to be on TV more not less. It’s worth 10% off National for sure. Bill English couldn’t turn on a hooker let alone a voter.

With National touching 60% in the polls he and National should be being bold not timid and prevaricating. Bill English has to go.