Labour Ghouls continue to follow disasters

I was disgusted last night when former Labour Party President, current Mayor of Waitakere and Mayoral hopeful for the Uber-City Bob Harvey attempted to make some political capital about the tragic death of little Aisling by gazumping the police with the announcement that a body had been found.

Last night I was disgusted with the antics of yet another Labour Party disaster tourist trying to capitalise on someone else’s grief for political gain. Today I am angry as hell to find out that;

The drain where the body of Aisling Symes was found has been complained about four times in the past five years and at least one person raised safety concerns after a back-log of water blew the manhole cover off.

A homeowner said she complained to the council only two weeks ago about the lid coming off the manhole above the drain where Aisling was found.

That means that while Bob Harvey was grandstanding before the media last night hoping for some reflected glory with his ghoulish performance it was actually his council and ultimate him that was responsible for the tragic death of Aisling Symes through abject negligence.

Bob Harvey can’t be relied upon to run even a sausage sizzle for the local bowling club let alone stand for Mayor for the Uber-city. In fact his council should be staring down the barrel of a substantial lawsuit for the death of this toddler. You may be sure they would be prosecuting the owner of an unfenced swimming pool if little Aisling had drowned there.