Labour squeals with outrage but forgets about the past as it stalks them like the Grim Reaper

Labour has been squealing for days now about ACT and Rodney Hide charging entry for fundraisers. Especially the paid lap-bloggers of The Standard who are seeing corruption all about them.

They of course wouldn’t think that it was corrupt for Helen Clark for speak at a fundraiser charging $25.00 per head would they?

No siree, that’s just fine with them, but if ACT or National do it then its corruption. They forget too the Chinese fundraisers where all the money “gets mixed up” in a bowl so no one knows who gave what.

Of course there was the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce fundraiser that Phil Goff was going to speak at but only 4 people bought tickets, Phil, Mr Chadwick and two staffers so it had to be cancelled.

Hon Rodney Hide: Could the Prime Minister confirm that when Ministers in this Government attend public meetings, they need to ensure that more than four people will turn up, so that they do not end up in the very embarrassing situation that Labour leader Phil Goff had in Rotorua when the local chamber of commerce could sell only four tickets, with one of those being sold to Steve Chadwick, and, not surprisingly, the event had to be cancelled?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: It is quite possible that Steve Chadwick bought all the tickets, because she takes her job as a whip seriously. But I can advise the member?

Labour are plainly jealous as they can’t get enough people to a fundraiser to fill a phone box. Cactus Kate meanwhile hands all the flunkies including Trevor “Putin” Mallard their collective asses on points of law.

Lest we also forget the one fundraiser that Helen Clark participated in that involved her committing a prima facie case of forgery then colluded to have the forgery bought by someone in her office and then destroyed by burning the evidence before the police got around to investigating.

Labour just can’t get to grips that the public are over them, over their antics and want to see some serious atonement for the nine years of economic destruction they wrought on the country that were mitigated only by the best economic conditions the country had enjoyed in more than 50 years.