Labour's Revisionist History

Labour has conducted a revision of their website that would do Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong proud when it comes to re-writing history.

Rick Barker – my word hasn’t he been in the press for all the wrong reason, but he has also covered up the humiliating losses in Tukituki to Craig Foss but omitting them all together.

Mr Steve Chadwick – ousted in ignominy by Todd “Boris” McLay, nothing, not a word. I still remember fondly her running from the camera at the Rotorua market the day David and I tried to interview her.

David Parker – Hasn’t mentioned his Otago loss either.

Damien O’Connor – only got back in on the list after a resignation being one step ahead of Judith Tizard, but no mention of his humiliation at the hands of Chris Auchinvole.

Even better, and I bet this is a shock for Chris “Cruising” Carter, Helen Clark is still listed as the spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and the bad news for David Shearer is that he actually isn’t the MP for Mt Albert because Helen Clark is.