Len Brown shamelessly goes ambulance chasing #TWITTERMAFIA

What is it with these Labour mayors that they have to get into speaking on behalf of the police when something awful happens in their patch.

What on earth was Len Brown being interviewed for on ZB this morning, when it is a police matter.

He didn’t really seem to know anything anyway. Perhaps he could have explained why his city is the crime capital of New Zealand and is so bad that National has had to pump 300 extra police into the area.

It is bizarre and totally inappropriate that a Mayor should get involved in this way in a police investigation.

Just like Cun(t)liffe whingeing on about the TVNZ promo with Bill English, well in my book, it’s the same thing with Bob Harvey and Len Brown, putting themselves out there just to get publicity for their cause celebre. Shameless ambulance chasers the lot of them.