Liar, Liar Pants on Fire Cr O'Connor

The other day I blogged about a little tirade by the Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams.

One of the Mad Mayors, even madder lickspittles Jan O’Connor was trying to comment here anonymously but stupidly used her own email address that I was lying about the events I reported. However the latest North Shore Times proves out everything that I said. It is in fact Cr. O’Connor who is the liar.

Today the Takapuna board will consider whether to appoint a new member.

Legislation prevents it from selecting a current councillor.

Councillor Chris Darby queried whether Mr Crews should have sought a leave of absence instead of sending in regular apologies to meetings.

Mr Darby said when he phoned Mr Crews? North Shore number he was told by someone that he lived in England.

Mayor Andrew Williams reacted angrily saying he would not have Mr Crews? integrity questioned, especially when he was extremely ill.

Mr Williams paid tribute to Mr Crews? work with the Untag trust, community policing and the Kennedy Park restoration project.

He said if the North Shore Times criticised Mr Crews he would complain to the paper?s management.

Mr Darby said the mayor shouldn?t “threaten the media” and called him a bully.

The mayor threatened to expel Mr Darby from the chamber. Mr Williams asked him to withdraw his bully comment which he did.

So in fact it is the Mad Mayor who is a bully, it is the Mad Mayor that threatened a newspaper and the Mad Mayor who bullied another councillor into an apology that he should never have had to make.

The man is a disgrace and so are his lickspittle apologists like Cr O’Connor.