MacDoctor fisks the Anti-Christ

Not on his own blog but right here in the comments on my OMG! Dad recruited the Anti-Christ post. Phew! that means Dad isn’t some sort of evil devil incarnate recruiter for the National Party.

  1. Been to the south and east… Is there a North Island Kiwi who hasn’t been to the South (Island) and The East (Australia)?
  2. Spoken arrogant words… Well, Duh. He’s a politician. Of course he’s spoken arrogant words…
  3. He’s risen to the top quickly… only if you consider that being Prime Minister is the “top” . Many would consider this to be the gutter rather than the pinnacle of New Zealand.
  4. He has spoken against God… Not quite. He has spoken against 87% of New Zealanders. That makes him annoying, not the antichrist.
  5. The Merchants of the Earth will prosper… Yeah, right. Anybody heard of a little thing called a recession?
  6. 1998 = 666x 3… It also equals 111 x 18. Isn’t maths exciting?
  7. The Anti-Christ will be different from his predecessors… What? You mean nicer and not an evil cow? That doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation for the prince of darkness (besides Murray McCully has already taken that position)
  8. He will be called the Messiah… Sorry, you must have your wires crossed with Obama. John’s not the messiah, he’s just a naughty little boy (this is why he doesn’t like smacking)
  9. He will be miraculously healed… Three weeks in plaster. Hallelujah! its a miracle of science! (Betcha he used a splint under his shirt sleeve for a couple of weeks)
  10. His video blog is erecting a living image of him… Have you seen his blog? More like night of the living dead!