Mad Nick defies Prime Minister and misleads House

As usual, Brian Fallow hits the nail on the head in the Herald.? Just why is mad Nick Smith so obsessed with getting his lunatic ETS in place before the UN?s big talkfest in Copenhagen??

As Fallow says:

No doubt it would be nice for New Zealand’s representatives at Copenhagen to be able to say: “Apart from the Europeans we are the only ones to have an emissions trading scheme on the statute books.”

In fact they could say that now.

But anyone at Copenhagen listening to that claim is likely either not to care, or to see through it.

Mad Nick is defying? the Prime Minister with his obsession.? Remember John Key said that New Zealand shouldn?t try to be a heroic leader on climate change anymore.? Seems no one told Nick.

Fallow also reveals Mad Nick?s scheme is designed to raise at least another $2 billion in taxes a year:

?By 2030 the government would have been making about $4 billion a year out of it (assuming, rather conservatively, a carbon price of $50 a tonne). Under the amended scheme it will be half that.

This is also a direct challenge to the Prime Minister who has promised that the revised ETS will be fiscally-neutral.? Nick ? collecting $2 billion a year ain?t fiscally-neutral.? It’s called raising taxes and its what National Ministers are meant?to be against. You’re in the wrong party.?

Mad Nick also told Parliament yesterday that ?we are the first country in the world to include forestry in an emissions trading scheme? ? again, that?s a direct challenge to the Prime Minister who has said we shouldn?t try to be the world?s leader.

He also said that in Australia, ?there is a complete ban on any deforestation of pre-1990 forests?.? Turns out that?s not true.? Mad Nick must have just thought it would sound good when he said it in Parliament.? But that?s called misleading the House.? Maybe he forgot to take?his pills.?

Mad Nick is making a fool of the Prime Minister.? Time for John Key to grow some balls and sack him.