Mad Rantings of ill-informed idiots

The Standard after attacking me and making it look like a cuddle then goes on through the mad rantings of Marty G to propose there is some conspiracy between Treasury and National.

National?s favourite public servant (who got himself a nice pay rise), John Whitehead, has been offering dire warnings of the future. $2 trillion in debt by 2050! Something must be done!

Naturally, the Treasury has an extreme right-wing solution ? cut everything: cut health ? yeah, a less healthy workforce that?ll be great for the economy. Cut education ? yup, that?s the route to a high tech economy. Cut superannuation ? you?re going to die anyway, why not die a pauper? Even cut taxes ? yup Treasury reckons part of the solution to the government not taking in enough money to cover its costs to to cut its revenue.

Marty G must be about 12 years old because if he was any older or involved in labour then he would know that John Whitehead was once a treasury wonk seconded to Labour’s research unit and then liked it so much he stayed on eventually rising to Deputy Director of the Labour Research Unit before returning to Treasury.

Massive own goal there.

Further Marty G simply doesn’t understand that Treasury are really just scientists that look at evidence and plug details into complicated economic models and provide forecasts. There is no ideiologiy except when Michael Cullen thinks there is, the forecasts and results just are and they just tell what it is.

The plain simple fact of the matter is that New Zealand is living beyond its means, it can’t pay its bills and it won’t be able to pay its bills in the future unless we do something.