Nick Smith – Politician of the Week

<gritted teeth>It gives me me great pleasure to announce that Nick Smith is this weeks Gotcha! and Whale Oil Beef Hooked Politician of the Week</gritted teeth>

Everyone knows I think Nick Smith is a plonker and a liability but this week he finally said out loud what everyone including myself has been thinking.

?If my doctor told me that I was terminally ill and I had 30 days to live, with the ACC rules the way they are, I?d be finding myself a train to throw myself under on the 29th day because my family would be treated so much more generously,? he said.

This is refreshing honesty shown by a politician and as my example showed yesterday he is dead right. In fact the younger your family the earlier you should throw yourself under a train to maximise your “entitlements”

I don’t see why Nick Smith should have to apologise for telling the truth, he should instead be commended and so <gritted teeth> it is with the greatest of pleasure that he receives this award</gritted teeth>.

As a prize might I suggest he helps himself to some taxpayer funded air travel and go open a coal mine or watch some native timber being felled or something useful rather than implementing an ETS. Well done Nick Smith.