Oh just shut up

Labour and David Cun(t)liffe should just shut up. Need I remind them about the working for families bus shelter ads they spent millions on.

Mr Cunliffe: “This promo looks and sounds like a party political broadcast and a self-promotion rather than a preview of what purports to be a serious programme.”

The man with the silent T in his name has got this completely wrong. There is no way in the world that National would ever let a plonker like Mr Twentyone Percent do a party political broadcast as we could easily lose 10% in the polls instantly, and National care about retaining power. Secondly, in case the plonker hasn’t noticed National doesn’t need to do party political broadcasts they are sitting at around 60% in the polls and his pary is hovering just aobe the low 20’s.

It’s a pity someone unbiased and free thinking like Hone couldn?t have mentioned this.