Out of one trough, into another?

With the imminent resignation of Sue Bradford from Parliament, there ought to be much rejoicing among the forces of conservatism and the centre-right that the biggest, baddest social engineer of modern New Zealand is going.

Unfortunately, she’s now threatening to come back to politics by standing as a councillor for the new Auckland supercity. ?Even worse than that, there are some serious talks to bring in Sue Bradford as the deputy for Brown.

Of course, the role of deputy is a serious one under the Auckland Council given the increased Mayoral powers, the budget and the size of Auckland. But it’s even more serious when you consider the likelihood of her becoming the actual Mayor with Len Brown’s bad heart condition.
Everyone knows how Len Brown was probably jump started in order to save his life when he collapsed with a massive heart attack in mid 2008. It’s also well known he spent some weeks fighting for his life, with complications in his heart bypass, meaning he had to be opened up twice under general anaesthetic to save his life. In total, Brown had six (SIX!) heart valves replaced under a double-triple bypass due to massive blocking, and after the first op, one of the valves then ripped open again requiring another operation.

Brown had the last rites read, such was his outlook.

So, having established the clear state of Brown’s lack of health, there is a very real possibility that under a high pressure job like the Auckland Mayoralty, Brown would suffer significant stress, particularly with the massive task of bringing the old councils together.

Sue Bradford would be literally one heartbeat away from the Auckland Mayoralty. Parliament’s most divisive and militant operator, the social-engineer who knew better than 87% of New Zealand’s families, would be in charge of all Auckland.

And that’s a risk that no right thinking person in Auckland would want to consider.