Power of Recall needed for Supercity

The Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay has proven yet again why Rodney Hide needs to seriously consider the adding the power of recall into the legislation for the new Auckland Super City.

It is idiots like Andrew Williams that do the reputation of good governance no service at all with their antics.

Glenfield Community Board member and former councillor David Thorton agrees and calls for the Power of Recall.

In a media release yesterday, ?Hide?s fundraising rort the first of many?, North Shore Andrew Williams once again lodges into an ill-informed personal attack on a government minister.

Mayor Williams gets paid a sizeable salary by his ratepayers and should not be spending even more ratepayers? money on making continued rude, personal and unnecessary media attacks on Local Government Minister Rodney Hide.

His latest outburst concerns an ACT Party fundraiser in Christchurch ? and has no relevance at all to the ratepayers of North Shore City .

For many months Mayor Williams has achieved notoriety for his personal attacks on other mayors and government ministers ? with absolutely nothing gained for the city he is meant to be serving.

If New Zealand had a system of ?recall? for elected members who failed their voters I believe Mayor Williams would have been long gone.

He has presided over a council which introduced the highest rates increases in the Auckland region and one of the highest in the country.

His council, in secret – without consultation, paid over $4 million for a beachfront house that was valued at just over $2 million.

In an ongoing battle, victims of a landslip have been trying to get a fair deal from Mayor William?s council ? but have been refused information as all meetings on solutions to their problems are held in secret.

For a city the size of Auckland i believe that Minister Hide would do well to introduce recall provisions to the Supercity Bill so the public do not have to suffer the vagaries of meat-axes like Williams or fools like Hubbard.