Rogue Poll #8765 – Nats still in front

National one year on: National’s ratings riding high – Politics – NZ Herald News.

Yet another rogue poll continues to show Labour trailing National.

National 57%
Labour 32%
Greens 4.6% and below the 5% threshold
ACT 1%
Maori 3%

Worse still for Labour are the preferred Prime Minister stakes.

John Key is first by a wide margin and one year after the mendacious witch was tipped from power Helen Clark still out-polls Phil Goff.

John Key 55.3%
Helen Clark 10.6%
Phil Goff 6.2%
Winston Peters 2.1%
Pita Sharples 0.9%
Russel Norman 0.6%
Rodney Hide 0.5%
Bill English riding high in popularity behind Rodney Hide at 0.3%

The problem for Labour is that other than Helen Clark there is no-one else figuring in the polls for preferred anything. in fact the only polls they would figure in is probably the most loathed person in New Zealand.