Sack the DHB heads instead

It looks like the DHB heads have fallen for some of the obfuscations and manipulations being run by DML in a bid to resurrect their failing business after losing the unloseable contract.

The vested interests have worked very hard to spike the guns of LabTests including the deliberate transposition of NHI numbers to ensure test result go missing and deliberate scare-mongering by some of the GP practices who have lost revenue from DML.

Instead of going back to DML instead I think we should look at two possible solutions. The first being sacking all the heads of each of the DHB’s and getting some with balls to get in there and tell DML to STFU.

The second which would dovetail nicely in with Rodney Hide’s local body reforms would be merge all the DHBs in Auckland in one and solve the problem of excessive bureaucracy in one go.

In fact htere is also a third option and one that would be valid if there was an Independent Commission Against Corruption and investigate the whole bloody Health sector and its vested interests and feather-bedding. The whole sector is more bent than a convicted Labour MP.