The Dirty Tactics of DML and vested interests

Martin Johnston from the Herald must one of the laziest repeaters employed at Granny Herald. It seems he takes his health stories direct from the deluded mind of Arthur Morris of DML, really we should call him Arty for the way he behaves. Arty sounds far more dodgy.

My inside sources tell me that;

Doctors were told to write codes only on?lab forms and/or cross out, in black pen, the name of the Doctor so there will be delays in getting results to patients.? DML refused to hand over their doctor database so Labtests could not decode the codes on the form.

Other sabotage includes:

  • suggesting to Doctors that they request all of their patients have home visits.? Labtests Home Visits are currently double what DML ever did.
  • suggesting to Doctors to put urgent stickers on everything.? In most labs, urgent work is around 2%.? I have heard that 15% of Labtests work is being processed as urgent.
  • Idle DML staff bombarding the results line in a similar fashion to a DNS attack. Yes the numbers can be traced.
  • lying about issues on the Herald site eg:?Cholesterol tests are not valid.
  • telling GP’s that the?analysers are not up to standard.? This has really upset the multinational analyser companies who?given them what for, especially considering DML has the same analysers.

Generally, DML and their Doctor mates have gone out of their way to make the transition as difficult as possible.? What amazes me is that medical professionals are willing to put patients at risk for a quick backhander?

Martin Johnson at the Herald must be on the DML PR team! Especially with this little hatchet job. If he had bothered to research he would have found out that although the GP’s at 3 Kings practice are creating a lot of noise, a? 5 page letter to the Herald – they need to get over it, they were paid a lot of money by DML to collect blood so must be bleeding dollars at the moment.? Also, Robyn Theakston, the wife of the DML pathologist, works there as a GP?(she comments on the Herald thread as RT Three Kings)

There is no way things are as bad as the repeaters in the media are painting it.? Sure there are issues but they are things that just happen, some are down to human error and happen in any lab. To put it all in perspective the Hospital kills 240 people a year.? Where is the demand to shut the hospitals down?

What is abundantly clear is that the whole Health sector is open to rorts, bribes, bullying and stand over tactics by vested interests. People who say we don’t corruption in New Zealand are seriously deluded. One quick look at the Mafia style tactics of DML will tell you that we do.