The hypocrisy of Labour exposed…again

Labour made a massive fuss this week about Rodney Hide and ACT running fundraisers. It was a stupid attack because it was always going to come back and haunt them.

Exhibit A in what will become I am sure a regular expose of their hypocrisy is this flyer from Steve Chadwick. It was sent out with an email on 9 Apr 2008.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Women’s Sector Fundraising Breakfast – Saturday 12th August

Dear all,

Please find attached a PDF flyer for the Women’s Sector Fundraising Breakfast on Saturday morning, at 7am at St Andrews on-the-Terrace.

The guest speaker is Hon Steve Chadwick, Minister of Women’s Affairs.

Please Rachel Boyack (details below) know if you would like a ticket for this event, or purchase one at Congress on Friday. Look forward to seeing you there!

I’d appreciate if you could forward this throughout your networks.

Kind regards,

Rachel Boyack
Vice Chair | Harbour Branch
Women’s Liaison Officer | Wellington Central LEC
Labour Women’s Sector Councillor
New Zealand Labour Party

What’s with all this unwaged B.S? Don’t they mean with a job or un-fucking -employable? Bet there was no bacon or sausages at that breakfast.