The Nissan GTR is ready

Our race car for the Targa is now ready after months of work by the team to take apart the old car that got smashed and then put the best parts into this car a Nissan GTR.

We have had to dial back the power because at 525hp it is pretty lethal. We had all 4 wheels spinning and smoking by chopping into second at 80 km/h and flooring it.

Before anyone says that this is a boyracer car, in order to enter the Targa race the car has to have a certified roll cage, 5 point harness system fro driver and co-driver, pass a race inspection and scrutineering, have a full first aid kit and fire extinguisher on board, the drivers are race licensed, they race on legally closed roads and/or racetracks and it is supervised as a legitimate motorsport in conjunction with local Police. If you want to play with cars this is how you do it. Following the rules and enjoying legitimate motorsport rather than impromtu gatherings of hoons thinking they are tough guys with dangerous cars.

Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR