The tale of Bloggers Drinks

Last night I took Cactus Kate to her first bloggers drinks.

It was an interesting affair to say the least. In attendance were Fundy Christians, Conservative Christians, Libertarians, Objectivists, poofs, atheists, agnostics, National supporters, Act supporters, the nearly dead, the living and one sole Green, Vegan obnoxious ass.

The aforementioned obnoxious ass proceeded to annoy a stroppy objectivist who told him to fuck off or step outside and get sorted. She was pretty formidable and I don’t think I’d like to go a couple of rounds with her. Her “crime” in the mind of the obnoxious ass was to mention that countries could legitimately invade other countries in order to protect their supply lines of important resources and as an added bonus deliver that same country from the clutches of an evil dictator and provide democracy to the region. The aforementioned obnoxious ass then proceeded on the basis of that to tell the objectivist that she had no morals. Well the ensuing screaming and yelling was a sight to behold and wonderfully spectacular. Cactus was enjoying herself immensely.

Talk then got around then the the evils of the empire building of Amerika, the evilness of the Jewish empire, the support of the evil Palestinian killing Jewish empire by the evil Amerikan empire, dirty farming, the perils of having a minimum wage, and evil finance company directors who “stole” the “life-savings” of greedy old fools.

Well it was pretty much all against one at this point

Cactus Kate explained the benefits of having no minimum wage and based it around how much an hour a maid is paid to clean her apartments ($2.50p/h). The aforementioned obnoxious ass thought that this was akin to slave labour. To which Cactus replied that his reasoning was rubbish. The Maid had a job, better paid than the one she wouldn’t have had in the Philippines, her bathroom got cleaned for about $5.00 which she was never going to do, the maid got to save some of her wages and send the money home to her village where her family could buy a house. All round a great winner. She then went on to say that the going rate for farm hands at the moment is about $25.00p/h and that if the Crafars had instead of employing one dimwitted fool for way above his pay grade, in the ideal world they could have had 10 Filipinos working for the same amount thus ensuring all the necessary jobs got done, employed third world people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a job and improve productivity of the farms at the same time, plus with the added benefit that the job would be done at a higher quality.

Well this raised the blood pressure of the aforementioned obnoxious ass who promptly changed the subject to something else while being lambasted for being racist because he didn’t want third world labourers in New Zealand. His next topic for discussion then centred around the minimum wage. Cactus Kate asked why he should sit on the DPB when he could easily get a minimum wage job. His answer was that he had a Masters Degree and thus was over qualified for minimum wage jobs. The howls of elitist and racist were by now being hurled by all across the table at the aforementioned obnoxious ass.

The aforementioned obnoxious ass then decided to rail against evil Finance Company Directors when the real guilty people were the advisors who took commission to put their customers into the dodgy investments in the first place.

At this point Cactus Kate pointed out to the aforementioned obnoxious ass that he was exactly the type of person that developers like Andrew Krukziener was able to take advantage of and that they deserved to be tucked. She then asked if “The Crook” came in and offered him a debenture at 15% would he take it? The aforementioned obnoxious ass for some reason didn’t know that Andrew Krukziener’s nickname around town is “The Crook” and asked who that was.

So Cactus Kate asked the question again like this “If the little jew offered you 15% on a debenture would you invest?

The reaction from aforementioned obnoxious ass was simply spectacular. He stood up called us all racists and anti-semites, forgetting that he had just 5 minutes before been telling how evil the Jewish State was for killing innocent Palestinians. He then stormed off muttering and screaming to resounding applause and high fives from all the rest of us.

Now this is the funny part. We had objectivists, libertarians, fundy Christians, Conservative Christians, atheists, agnostics, homos, dying people, National supporters, Act supporters, Cactus Kate who is a category all on her own and one leftist, green aforementioned obnoxious ass. Everyone but him got on fine with much hilarity for the entire night except for this humourless prick.

The only pity was the only other little jew? I know (DPF) wasn’t there to see the fireworks because he resides in Wellington.