#Tsunami #Samoa Help @adra_nz support the relief effort

My good mate Clinton runs ADRA NZ and has asked me to post some info on their efforts in helping with the aid effort in Samoa so far.

ADRA get’s 90% of their donations to the recipients of aid who most need it.If you qare want to donate to support teh Samoan relief effort then please consider ADRA. Their Twitter account to follow developments as they support their aid delivery is @adra_nz

ADRA in conjunction with the National Disaster Management Office of Samoa has commenced a 30 day food assistance programme to three villages ravaged by last weeks Tsunami, one of the first international aid organisations to do so.

?The aim of this food assistance is to support local communities who have been devastated by this tragic event. Although the emergency phase is largely complete, we now have to work with the community to regenerate itself to prosper in the long term? remarks Dayan Eager, a New Zealand based ADRA international development specialist was deployed to Samoa within days of the disaster.

Mr Eager has been conducting assessments in the affected area along with other aid agencies and has been working with the community and the government agencies to support the relief effort.

The Samoan Red Cross has been very effective in its aid distribution and the ADRA programme will supplement this with a village specific approach. All aid distribution other than the Red Cross is being coordinated and supported by the Government of Samoa.

Mr Eager is joined by disaster management expert, Steve Glassey, from Palmerston North and ADRA is currently deploying another two specialists from New Zealand over the forthcoming days to support the effort.

Many of the affected villages are considering reducing the scale of beach front tourism operations and relocating their homes to higher ground to mitigate against future Tsunami risk. This will create some major challenges as well as opportunities for the community as changes to infrastructure and livelihoods will need to be made and nurtured respectively. This long term development expertise is core to ADRA New Zealand?s international portfolio having completed large scale development projects in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, Vietnam and Cambodia. As the food assistance programme rolls over over the next few weeks, ADRA will be working with the New Zealand Government Aid and Development Agency (NZAID) to propose long term projects that promote the sustainable prosperity of the affected communities in Samoa.

ADRA NZ is part of ADRA (International) the worldwide humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and has a presence in 125 countries. ADRA has been granted General Consultative Status by the United Nations and is fully accredited with the New Zealand Government?s Agency for International Aid (NZAID).

ADRA NZ is still in need of funding to help efforts of supplying much needed emergency supplies. To donate click here or donate via our call centre 0800 4 999 111