Watch out for long haired Gingas with Goatee Beards

I see parliament has finally had a reccomendation come back from the select committee for the abolition of the defence of provocation.

I can’t say I agree with this but that is for another post. the point I need readers to be aware of is that this is a knee jerk reaction to the failed defence of two killers.

The partial defence of provocation came under intense debate after Otago University tutor Clayton Weatherston argued he was provoked into stabbing girlfriend Sophie Elliott 216 times.

Weatherston pleaded guilty to manslaughter but the jury found him guilty of murder.

In July, Ferdinand Ambach was found guilty of manslaughter rather murder after killing 69-year-old gay man Ronald Brown.

Mr Brown was beaten with a banjo before the instrument’s neck was rammed down his throat. It was alleged he made sexual advances to Mr Brown.

So they both used the defence and they both lost, and that supposedly is a reason to remove a perfectly valid defence.

But a closer examination of he circumstances of both killers would seem to highlight an alarming similarity between the two. There can really be no doubt either as to my diagnosis of what could only be described as Gingervitis. Gingervitis affects millions of people world wide. The symptoms of gingervitis include: Red hair, pale skin, and freckles, a ?Soulless? feeling. Some Ginger Kids may show symptoms such as violence and depression. Although Gingervitis is not a life threatening disease it can be very serious. There is currently no known cure and very little treatment for Gingervitis.

Why no doubt?

Well if these two cases are the reason for the removal of the defence of provocation then I will provide you another equally preposterous suggestion that we should in fact be rounding all Gingas with long hair and goatee beards. It stands to reason that although they used the defence of provocation, unseccessfully I might add, they are also both Gingas and both have long hair and both have goatee beards, therefore that must be a contributing factor to their crimes.

So instead of removing the defence of provocation might I suggest we actually round up long-haired goatee beard wearing Gingas and quarantine them in….oh I don’t know….Palmerston North.