Whaleoil Award – Politician of the Year

Whale Oil Beef Hooked is proud to announce, a little earlier than usual, the award for politician of the year.

This years recipient goes to Tony Ryall for culling 500 money sucking bureaucrats in one go.

Five hundred “backroom” jobs in the health sector will go in a major shake-up announced by Health Minster Tony Ryall.

Mr Ryall said the plan would save an estimated $700m over five years by consolidating the administrative functions of 21 district health boards into one new body.

The National Health Board (NHB) will be set up to provide a better national focus on health spending.

Mr Ryall said the board would be a unit within the Health Ministry with a general manager and an advisory board whose chair would report directly to the minister.

Brilliant, now I must stress that this award could be gazzumped at any time with more ballsy behavior shown by politicians but it will take a lot to beat culling 500 pen-pushers. Perhaps Judith Collins could overtake him by getting car crushed live on TV under her new laws prior to Christmas or another Minister to get rid of a 1000 money sucking leeches from the civil service, or John key to sack Nick Smith and ditch the ETC, until then the one with the biggest balls so to speak is Tony Ryall and so he holds the award for now and a Whale Oil Beef Hooked T-short is on its way to you.