What does "Putin" know?

Trevor "Putin" MallardIt would appear from the HoS story of Labour’s rort of the system to pay for polling that they do this only whilst in opposition, when they don’t have any cash or big buckets of government cash to hide polling in.

Company Office records show that Trevor Colin Mallard, the Vladimir Putin of New Zealand politics, was one of the last company dorectors when the company was struck of 12 years ago. This was when Labour was on the rise in opposition against the Bolger/Shipley/Peters governments. They would have bee recieving more in donations back then and possibly stopped doing their own research using parliamentary funds and started there long term relationship with multi-national polling company UMR Research.

It would seem that with Labour resuming their own polling from parliamentary offices and from the Leader’s budget that they are again out of funds of decent troughs to use professional and ethical polling companies and are resorting to trying to revitalise the old Data Research rort.

It also suggests that they have been doing this for quite sometime and possibly Trevor “Putin” Mallard put them up to it in an internal bid and creating a scandal to unseat the tempoorary leader Phil Goff.

Phil Goff hasn’t fronted but the real question is, What does “Putin” know?