What happened between 9 Jan 2008 and 15 Jan 2008?

As suspected from TV3’s report last night there are more questions than answers. Duncan Garner highlights these on his blog.

In January 2008 he went to the UK between the 7-9 January and Spain from the 15-17 January. He took his partner Peter Kaiser. Airfares cost $7246.00. Other costs, like?accommodation and meals came to $9,969.92. Did he have a European holiday in between appointments? What did he do on behalf of the NZ taxpayer? Who paid?

So there is a missing week….oh how convenient. Hardly seems sensible to travel back to NZ and the back to Spain after teh UK trip so did Carter have a holiday with all the airfares to get there picked up by the taxpayer?

many questions, and they get curiouser and curiouser.