What is happening at Chrisco?

As I have blogged regularly Chrisco in Australia and in New Zealand appears to be in serious trouble. both of their websites have placeholders only and the only information you can get on them online is from that single placeholder page.

Australia’s page says the new catalogs and website will be due out on 26 October 2009. Today is the 27th and there is no change.

If I was a Chrisco customer I’d be ringing them for some answers real quick. Otherwise their Christmas of almost expired goods may well be worst than that as in nothing whatsoever.

Time for Richard Bradley to front, speech impediment or no speech impediment, someone at Chrisco must start talking and talking soon otherwise there may well be a lot over very angry, poor people raiding Coatesville and upsetting the lovely couple currently renting the place while Richard tries to find a buyer.