What to call List MPs

Most List MPs are scum, most List MPs hate being List MPs unless they specifically chose to be List MPs and some are scum and plonkers rolled into an all encompassing lothesome individual of no redeeming qualities. So what DO you call a List MP or any MP for that matter?

The name list also includes a Labour constituency MP, Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns, who was once editor of the Marlborough Express.

He wants to be referred to as either “Christchurch Central Labour MP working in Marlborough” or “Labour MP working in Marlborough”

So, looks like M’Lord Burns? attachment to the chateau has overridden his desire to represent Christchurch Central. Maybe, as I pointed out in a previous post, he is sick having to deal with the practicalities of the lumpen proletariat in the Socialist Republic of Christchurch?

Apparently the current Labour Party MP for Christchurch Central, noted chateaux owner, wine producer and confirmed chardonnay socialist, Lord Burns of Malborough is finding the going a bit tough. Lord Burns apparently is quite good on the theory of the common man, but a bit less competent at representing him as he is, well, common. Even in polite company. And the lumpenprolitariat seem completely disinterested m’Lord Burns, his pro tem leader and policy platform.

Lord Burns of Malborough may well be wishing he chose to remain at the chateaux in Malborough sipping chardonnay with Lady Philippa, who is finding the going rather tough away from the chateaux despite the parliamentary perks and an rather indulgent shopping budget.

Why doesn?t he just end the farce and ask Lockie to call him Lord Burns of Malborough?