Whenever you try to cover something up it always comes unstuck

A great many lawyers are dumber than a sack of hammers. Lawyers who try to threaten me for example. Especially lawyers who try to cover stuff up on behalf of someone, usually a self important prick or multi-national company who have been doing some bad shit.

The internet has ways of outing the idiots and a certain multi-national in the UK who tried to have parliamentary questions and the details of the same suppressed has come unstuck.

And this is a report on how the oil company Trafigura tried to cover up pollution in Africa.

This country’s libel laws have been a disgrace for years and one can only hope that egregious abuses of an already abusive system persuades folk that, dash it, something must be done.

UPDATE: The Twitterverse is going mental for #trafigura and I suspect that by the time all this is over far more people will be aware of the controversy swirling around Trafigura’s African adventures than would have been the case had they kept quiet and not attempted to silence the press. Combatting this sort of bullying, however, is one thing the blogosphere is good at.

UPDATE 2: There is, at the time of writing, no mention of this story on the BBC’s website. Why on earth not? (There is now – and of course, as commenters point out, Newsnight has covered Trafigura’s African exploits before. And been sued for their troubles. So my criticism of the Corporation was somewhat unfair. Mea culpa.)

UPDATE 3: 1.20pm: Carter-Ruck have abandoned their attempt to prevent the reporting parliamentary proceedings. The Twitterati and the Blogoshpere have prevailed in the great Battle of Trafigura. But it is ridiculous that such a battle for such an elementary press freedom had to be fought in the first place. The Lib Dems are quite right to call for a parliamentay debate on this.

It won’t be long before some twat tries the same bullshit here. The result will be the same, massive publicity for something that was intended to be kept quiet. I bet now I get? call from the lawyers of a self important prick. Before they call they should ask themselves if they actually want the shit storm I will visit upon their heads and their client.