Why are the authorities dragging the chain on Chrisco?

This blog has taken an interest in the financial shenanigans surrounding Chrisco and its “owner” Richard Bradley. We have asked questions but no answers have been forthcoming. We have been keeping an eye on Chrisco and have noticed some changes in operations and tese raise even more questions.

Now they have disabled their website ? why? Very strange given the hamper industry is meant to be crazy this time of year. Also very strange their excuse, that they are updating their catalogues!!! WTF!

  • Why can’t that happen the background? without disabling the website?
  • Why re-vamp it as the market is tight. They clearly have no money.
  • What was wrong with what they had?
  • Why no TV adverts yet?
  • Why is the call centre not manned like normal?

They normally take is $50K every 15 minutes this time of year, it seems bizarre that the call centre at this time of year would be having mass redundancies.

Further there are some even more interesting developments.

  • How come when you look at vouchers direct it diverts to Chrisco?
  • Why has The Warehouse stopped them getting vouchers?
  • Why would The Warehouse stop that given they get the cash?
  • Maybe they are aware of something we do not know?
  • Why has the book of products not been seen yet?

There is now said to be Chrisco version of Where’s Wally coming out called Where’s Richard Bradley. Infact it is rumoured that his nickname amongst the diminishing staff in Auckland is “The Invisible Man”.

Chrisco’s problems aren’t just confined to New Zealand either. Sources tell me that;

  • Chrisco is being investigated in AustraliaU?
  • Chrisco is? banned from some Aboriginal areas? Easy ? they supply booze when they clearly know they should not.
  • A recent study by the banks in Australia found that Chrisco was in the top 3 of worst offenders at predatory tactics for people being signed up to something they know nothing about?
  • Why do Chrisco appear in Australia bank profiling of always being on the list of people most in dire straits? ? other than they have been sucked in to thinking they get a deal

The whole kit and cabooble that is Chrisco and Richard Bradley stinks like Friday’s catch on Monday morning. There is something going quite wrong here ? the model appears dead, and so are they as they are now going to run K Mart vouchers! That and Caltex I am told ? so you can pay too much for a pie at Christmas.

There are still more questions that need answers.

  • Why is the house still for sale?
  • Why are the documents at the high court still sealed on the matter of Hopscotch?
  • Why is Richard Bradley never here/and appear not to owns any shares in Chrisco?
  • Why is his accountant in charge of the shares?
  • Why are they some tin pot outfit in South Auckland managing massive amounts of cash?

It is quite possible that come Christmas Mark Bryers will be replaced as New Zealand’s most hated man byRichard Bradley unless something is done rather quickly.