Why has Goff never explained?

Some interesting information has come to light in the Richard Worth affair.

At the time of the fiasco questions were raised by this blog of the relationship between Mr Goff and the shy, unassuming housewife who allegedly approached Mr Goff after she was supposedly propositioned by Dr Worth.

Mr Goff has never explained how he knew Neelam Choudary or even the ongoing relationship that he had with Ms Choudary. In fact he went very quiet when the growing evidence of his involvement of the stitch up of Dr Worth mounted. What became clear is that Mr Goff pimped out the “strikingly beautiful” Ms Choudary as a honey-trap in order to score cheap political points against Dr Worth and National.

Laziness is often the undoing of people as many a lawyer and tax accountant will explain and it is laziness and lack of attention to detail that may well be the undoing of Mr Goff.

You see losing candidate in Botany electorate, still has his website up. Don’t worry about dropping now all you Labour flunkies who read this blog I have screen shots of every page.

On one of the pages are glowing references to Mr Goff and one Ms Neelam Choudary along with a number of photos. There are also other photos and posts which show that Neelam Choudary was an integral part of the campaign in Botany. Plus this one of Goff and Choudary together with Helen Clark.

Neelam Choudary has established an enormously strong network in the Indian community, and has consulted widely accross many of? India’s top business and political leaders.

Mr Goff’s timeline of events concerning the Labour sting operation on Dr Worth have never been adequately explained nor has his relationship to the “strikingly beautiful” Neelam Choudary. In fact Mr Goff several time changed his story and in light of this page left on the net by the lazy and the indlent in the wake of the destruction of the Labour party in 2008 it is rather embarrassing to say the least that the real relationship between Neelam Choudary and Mr Goff has now been revealed.

Perhaps Mt Goff might like to explain the circumstances of his “chance” meeting and subsequent advice to Ms Choudary in how to deal with Dr Worth in light of this new evidence? I’d certainly be interested to hear the real story of how the sting went down.