Why is Plughead such a wet?

After years of failing to deal with the boy racer issue, aspiring Phil Goff replacement Clayton Cosgrove seems to be siding with boy racers against the rest of us that reckon he should be giving Crusher Collins a big round of applause for putting a few cars in the crusher, but needs to lift her game, do everyone a favour and accidentally forget to remove a few boy racers from their vehicles.

The sad part about all this is Plughead is allegedly from the right wing of the Labour party. Maybe hanging out with a bunch of liberal elite, teachers, pooftahs, lezzos, union reps and assorted rag tag pro politically correct scum has addled his brain.

Surely the right wing of the Labour party can see that boy racers are vermin that need to be exterminated, preferably with a fifty cal by members of licensed gun clubs, and this would be a vote winning proposition among the lumpen proletariat of the Socialist Republic of Christchurch?

Or has Aunty Helen’s evil influence permeated so far into the Labour party conscience that they fail to realise that a tough line on crime in general and boy racers in particular is a vote winning proposition. Winning votes is somewhat essential for aspiring Labour leaders. Maybe he hasn?t worked out how to fund an ?entitlement? for a fifty cal for all those bludgers who cant afford one and doesn’t want to discriminate against them?

Crusher Collins meanwhile has exposed Clayton’s whining about toughness on crime as being as false as his punch and grow. Labour had nine years to do something and still they go soft on crims, assholes and general louts. I suppose given their parlous poll ratings it is to be expected that they need to appeal to the criminal class to really keep themselves about 10%.

With such namby-pamby suggestions Cosgrove is really counting himself out of the race for the new leader of the Labour party. perhaps his real rationale is to ditch the losing team and try to replace Lianne Dalziel as the preferred Labour candidate for mayor in the Socialist Republic of Christchurch. Ultimately both their candidacies are doomed through their own inaction on important and critical issues in Christchurch.