Wonder if Telecom will have a legal issue

teelcom_300x200Telecom has released its new logo. I wonder though whether they did enough due diligence on the logo design because as soon as I saw it I thought Asterisk might have something to say about it.

Now of course it could signify that Telecom has done a deal to deploy open source software throughout their exchanges, but I seriously doubt that.

Plus just to get the lawyers crapping their pants, Asterisk makes VOIP solutions.

Then there is Asterisk Entertainment that might get upset as well though they aren’t Asterisk logoin the Telecoms industry but the logo is strikingly similar.

Then there is Asterisk, the US company that makes knee pad systems for action sports. They use the Asterisk device as well.

All in all it looks like a massive own goal for Telecom and their design team as well as their legal advisors.

Asterisk EntertainmentThe biggest risk i would think would come from the VOIP supplier. It will be interesting to see where this ends up. What would also be interesting is the amount of money that Telecom has spent so far on the logo development and now on the rollout of the logo across their retail and corporate network.

Like the Auckland City Council fiasco with their logo I predict there will be some money changing hands somewhere in this. It would be good just from a synergy point of view if Telecom made a donation Asterisk.org, after all it involves telephony. This is my preferred option if Telecom has to pay money being a big supporter of open source software.

Asterisk_1255738243496Not a an auspicious launch I must say.