You want to play nasty Trev then welcome to my world

It was only a matter of time before Trevor Mallard overstepped the mark and yesterday he did it. I warned him that if he wanted to play in my world, that of the blogosphere then he better understand that what goes around comes around and so now after attacking Nick Smith for his mental well-being he is now on my shit list. This list is hard to get on but impossible to get off.

Since I am not an MP then I can do all sorts of things that he can’t. He over-stepped the mark and so he will now be getting the same treatment that other fool politicians that have crossed me will be getting. If he is any doubt then he should give Andrew Williams a call to ask about what sort of impact my attentions can have, or even his best mate Winston.

Of course now the gloves are off it would be most unfortunate if I were to mention in response to Trevor’s post that a certain former Labour cabinet minister has been in detox and you hope he keeps pursuing this line of attack because it means I can tell all the stories about Labour I have kept waiting for such a moment. I knew it wouldn’t take long and with Trevor essentially “off the leash” from Phil Goff it was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

I am sure I’ll get the take your pills treatment from Trevor and his lickspittle mates soon enough for blogging on this, but I have nothing to hide. I have always been up-front about the difficulties of depression. I can assure readers that despite my current bad patch it is crap like this that motivates me to get even on behalf of those who can’t.

Everyone knows I am not a fan of Nick Smith, lord knows anyone who believes in Global Warming is probably certifiable anyway but Trevor goes too far. It might be opportune for me to now post the pictures of a S&M party held at a lodge in Taupo before the last election…shall I, well that is up to Trevor, I guess.

Farrar might go a bit soft but I will not.