You're not getting it John

John Key and his dim-witted science advisor Dr Peter Gluckman are so wrong-headed on the issue of P.

Prime Minister John Key will today announce measures to combat the abuse of methamphetamine, ranging from limiting the availability of precursor ingredients through to providing more Government funding for the treatment of addicts.

The restrictions on the sale of tablets will be based on the recommendations of Sir Peter Gluckman, Mr Key’s chief science adviser.

This will only stop the small time cook. The real corportised P manufacturinf operations so are not going around buying packets of tablets from pharmacies. They are shipping them in direct in containers knowing that only 3 in 100 containers at our main ports are checked. Of course they are businessmen and headed up by very smart businessmen, they don’t just ship their raw materials through the main ports they also ship them through lesser ports like Timaru, which I doubt the the Chief Science advisor knows is now the main port of entry for precursor substances in the country.

And while the Police and Customs focus their meagre resources on Timaru the smart businessmen who are running our multi-billion dollar P trade will have already started moving shipments through other ports always probing for weak links.

Unfortunately though when you consult science advisors you will always get dumb ideas especially when you are talking about business that rivals Telecom for the amount of revenue it is generating.

This isn’t a snake you are dealing with it is a hydra and drastic and hard measures are called for not platitudes and non-solutions. If you want solutions John give me a call.

BTW way same goes for the pathetic anti-money laundering laws that are being put through the house. I can tell you at least 15 ways around those laws as proposed. You need to start listening to people who deal with this stuff on a daily basis rather than policy wonks with their heads buried in books.