At last the NZ Media wakes up

Finally the Lame Stream Media catches up with a weeks worth of blog content and writes a story about the fraud that Climate Scientists have perpetrated upon the citizens of the planet.

They have even published some of the more damning emails. Why it took a week is beyond me, blogs and other world wide media have been reporting this for a week now.

The genie is out of the bottle. Anything that the authors involved in those emails says is suspect, but especially Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Jim Salinger.

The Herald does outline both sides but that is good because you get to see how feeble the excuses are from the liars who have now become the deniers.

What amazes me is that New Zealand’s number one blogger has yet to even post once on the issue despite a week of controversy. I know he is hobbling around the middle east too afraid to get on a camel’s back but really this is a pretty slack effort from a blogging professional. For once the LSM beat Farrar to a story….incredible isn’t it?