Boy have I got a deal for you

Well, a deal for Chrisco at least, but not for you.

Today in my email I received the latest pitch from Chrisco.

“Do you find your weekly grocery bill increasing slowly week by week? Layby online with Chrisco NOW and beat the rising food prices!”

“Our new Home & Gift Catalogue brings you more choice then ever with all big ticket items such as Fridges, Washers, Dishwashers & Dryers. We even offer great new Pool Tables to create your own poolroom or your kids can create their own ice creams with the NEW fantastic Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker! Top brands and all at competitive prices. To see how you can transform your home just click here!”

Well, competitive prices my arse….perhaps they are comparing the prices with the loan shark on the corner in South Auckland. We have already proved that they are lying about beating food price rises. They are more expensive than the corner Indian Dairy!

Take the 32″ Panasonic Viera LCD TV. Chrisco has this TV at $1049. Real bargain? Well at Magness Benrow, not known for being the cheapest around you can get the same TV for $999 and you can get it on Trademe for $899 if you are prepared to catch an auction with few bidders. Not much of a saving there, plus you have to wait a year to get the damn thing by which time it will be obsolete or a different model that is way cheaper to buy in the stores. And the real kicker is that only dickless wonders or poofs buy 32″ TV’s and only then for putting in the bathroom to watch while they have a soak in their lilac scented bath.

So Chrisco, not content with gouging customers selling nearly expired products at above market rates, essentially charging usury interst rates are now going to start gouging customers on consumer items. Remind me again how that went for Mrs Christmas?

The problem I have with the likes of Chrisco is that they prey on the poor and indigent. Labour professes to want to look after them but they spent millions on an indepedent banking inquiry and haven’t even bothered to look into this blatant rort and the plethora of schemes that rip off Labour’s natural constituency. Consumer Affairs Minister Heather Roy seems to be of little use on this issue too, perhaps she is trying to get Richard Bradley to offer the Skyhawks as a Chrisco deal of the century.