But does she have a moustache?

Paul Henry is fabulous television, it is refreshing to have someone who essentially has a form of Tourettes Syndrome as a Television presenter.

He says whatever pops into his head with not a care in the world. Fabulous. He should have his own show where he gets to mock everyone all the time.

This time it is the ugly plain Susan Boyle he has offended and about 40 callers who had nothing better to do.

Susan BoyleReading from a magazine article, he laughed as he described how she was “starved of oxygen” at birth and suffered an intellectual disability.

“Here’s the really interesting revelation: she is in fact retarded …

“And if you look at her carefully, you can make it out,” he told viewers. He also made fun of the fact she was “ritualistically beaten” at school.

Lucky he didn’t suggest she was also a “lady with a moustache”, well she is, have you looked closely, there is definitely one there.

I can see the T-shirts now.

Actually I think? Paul Henry has an intellectual disability too, apart from his obvious Tourette’s, he is smarter, way smarter than the average TV viewer.