Chrisco is for Losers and The Good Guys aren't – Part 2

The other day I did a post on the usury associated with Chrisco and The Good Guys in ripping off poor people. Now I was really a bit remiss in comparing the prices today with the price that both of them are charging for 2010 hampers. So I did a bit of digging and through the wonders of the Google cache was able to recover the 2008 catalogue of Chrisco. So this is a better comparison. It is the prices they were charging for their items a year ago that customers will be receiving shortly so that a closer comparison of their prices can be made.

So let’s see if they are still ripping customers as badly as they seem to be.

Again the interests of simplicity I have compared the meat pack offerings from Chriscos and The Good Guys and if you bought the same products from your local Mad Butcher outlet.


  • Mega Meat ? Chrisco 2008 price = $598.00. Same products at Mad Butcher $424.77. 41% dearer at Chrisco
  • Maxi Meat ? Chrisco 2008 price = $399.00. Same products at Mad Butcher $291.04.? 37% dearer at Chrisco
  • Family Meat ? Chrisco 2008 price = $269.00. Same products at Mad Butcher $179.09. 50% dearer at Chrisco

To be perfectly honest I didn’t expect these results. The actual gouging is less this year than it is going to be next year. Chrisco however have raised their prices substantially and so their usury will be even more.

I wonder though why the Labour Party has failed to take up the cudgel on behalf of what very clearly must be the core supporters. The very people that Chrisco preys on are Labour’s natural constituency. Yet David Cunliffe and others prefer to grandstand with an independent banking inquiry over fractions of percentage points when there is actual usury going on affecting their voters in the form of outrageous price gouging by Chrismas Hamper companies like Chrisco and The Good Guys.

In many ways these people have been let down by an archaic out-moded law that allows these companies to act under the guise of a lay-by scheme when in actual fact these are simply dirty, nasty finance companies ripping off the poor and unsuspecting and meanwhile bypass all the rules and regulations, such as they are, that govern Finance Companies.

They have been let down by the laziness of regulators like the Commerce Commission who still have not investigated properly complaints about Chrisco’s business practices and we still don’t have the court documents relating to the demise of Hopscotch Finance. Insider sources have told this blogger that the reason the court documents have been suppressed and not released regarding Hopscotch Finance is because to do so would show that the Chrisco empire is built upon quicksand.

Action needs to be taken against these cowboys.