Crime Tip – How to spot a P house in the 'hood

I think by now almost everyone knows how to spot a tinnie house if you want to buy dope. If you don’t then let me tell you. Just look for the sneakers hanging over the powerlines.

The P houses though are a bit harder. The dealers don’t really like the heat or to be noticed now that methamphetamine is a Class A drug.

However they still have to let their customers know which house in the street they are.

For the observant they would have seen the new neighbours move in and put up all sorts of security cameras in funny places, but if you missed that then take a look at the letter box. It will more than likely be facing the wrong way as though some wayward youth decided to twist it around on the way past. Rest assured the wayward youth that did it is now inside the same house dealing poison out the window to the multitude of customers now arriving in your quiet suburban street. That plus the loud parties that never seem to end as the dealers consume their own product.

But don’t worry about the loud parties and the violence the bosses soon shut that down and tax the “owner” of the patch for causing a disturbance.