Day Four – The Lawyer demolishes the Repeaters

We are now on day four of the? “Nothing to see here folks” story of the internal directives at APN telling staff and contributers who they should and should not be writing about and we are still talking about it.

So far it has been covered by the following online souces;

The NBR here.
The Pinko MP’s at Red Alert here.
An absent David Farrar who likes playing Shoot ’em up games in Cairo airport? here.
Pinko Dimpost here and here.
Professional writer Bill Bennett here.
Christian networked blog M&M’s here.
Former Journo Home Paddock here.
Former Journo Roar Prawn’s here.
Inquiring Mind here.
Us here.
Even Russell Brown little band of felchers and sycophants have talked about it.

Today Cactus Kate though throughly demolishes the Herald and other Lame Stream Media. She throws the aforementioned Guidelines document that is the root of the Herald’s Corporal Jones Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic post the other day right back in their face. What does Tim (nice but dim) Murphy have to say now?

Surely it is only a matter of time before Radio and TV pick this up?