Diddums Ken, next!

Tony Ryall looks to be heading for politician of the week for axing “Red” Ken Douglas from his Health Board positions. Poor old and he is old “Red” Ken is mightily upset over it too.

Former union boss Ken Douglas says Health Minister Tony Ryall forced him to resign from his health board position.

Appointed deputy chairman of Capital and Coast District Health Board in 2007 Mr Douglas only resigned because: “The minister asked for it,” he told the Dominion Post.

Mr Douglas said he had less than a year of his term left.

“I made that quite clear to the ministry person that … I would have liked to have seen the term out.”

But he was not taking the decision personally.

“I fully understand and accept the process of political appointments.”

His resignation was effective from October 23, but he has not yet been replaced.

If he fully understood and accepted the process then he would just STFU, but no he had to run squealing to the media, forgetting of course to tell them how hard he lobbied to keep Hausmann and his bunch of pals in place at the Hawkes Bay District Health Board.

Another Board member Helene Ritchie is whining like hell and is calling for an inquiry. I have a better idea for this Labour Party flunky. How about she resigns too.

Keep swinging that axe Tony, another head this week will cement your place for politician of the week. Rodney is close behind after yesterday’s act of contrition.