Exclusive – Te Reo Marama – Troughing 103

So far we have established that Te Reo Marama has taken over $1.2 million of taxpayer and MinHealth money with little discernible effort other than generating a few million airpoints for Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook.

However the problems at Te Reo Marama go much deeper than the appalling audit report issued in November 2007. This blog has also discovered that Board Members are troughing it up as well and are also in positions of potential conflict of interest showing that when it comes to Maori Stop Smoking programmes it seems the the normal rules of disclosure, fiscal prudence, and transparency go right out the window just so long as one of the brothers is clipping his/her ticket.

Worse still is the evidence of at least double dipping by Te Reo Marama by “selling” exactly the same service already paid for by MinHealth to at least one DHB.

But first let’s look at the board conflicts.

I hope you?re sitting down.

How unlikely is it that two of the four current directors of Te Reo Marama Charitable Trust (excl. Shane Kawatene Bradbrook), are directly on the taxpayer payroll in DHBs!!!!! Priceless. So we have almost the entire organisation troughing it up at the taxpayers expense, and in the case of two of the directors they are recieving not only salries/consulting fees from the government, presumably they are also collecting directors fees for being on the board of Te Reo Marama. Of course we won’t know that because despite 9 years of funding and getting at least $1.2 million in taxpayer funds for the past 5 years Te Reo Marama has NEVER produced a set of audited accounts that would show such things.

Sue Taylor
Director – Levin
T & T Consulting Limited
PO Box 311
Levin 5540
06 362 6639
021 719 944
06 362 6639
Email: [email protected]

Whistleblower sources tell WOBH that T&T Consulting had a contract with the Ministry of Health over the 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2007 period for $333,334 (excl GST) and then received another $100,000 (excl GST) from 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008, before saying that they had an messy fall-out with the Ministry of Health in July 2007.

Marguerite McGuckin
MidCentral District Health Board
Gate 2B Heretaunga Street
Palmerston North
Tel: 06 350 8061
Email:?[email protected]

Leah Clark
Health Promotion Advisor
Regional Public Health
Private Bag 31907
Lower Hutt
04 570 9002
04 570 9211
Email: [email protected]

The case of the Chair of Te Reo Marama is particularly interesting but so is the position of Leah Clark. Leah Clark is one of the more vociferous supporters of Shane Kawneta Bradbrook on online forums all without disclosure of her directorship of Te Reo Marama. Ms Clark also sits on a committee at the Hutt Valley DHB that directly purchases stop smoking programmes. I have little doubt that Te Reo Marama will have been dipping in that trough too, if only they would respond to my OIA requests.

Then we have the very interesting case of an additional $110,000 of public funding obtained by Te Reo Marama from the Hawkes Bay District Health Board. I say interesting when I probably mean curious. Curious in that the HBDHB has refused to release some documents but when you see who the letter is from and the signatures on the approvals of expenditure you start to get the picture about why the HBDHB or at the very least one individual at the HBDHB doesn’t want too many documents appearing on this blog for all to see.

HBDHB Funding Group Meeting Minutes 26 April 2007
Negotiation Brief for Funding Group
Contract between HBDHB and Te Reo Marama
Ngati Kahungunu Tobacco Strategy

It is with some note that the funding requests to HBDHB came under the old board, the board which was summarily and illegally sacked by former Health Minister David Cunliffe. At the time it was thought that he was trying to protect the husband of the former Health Minister Annette King from embarrassing questions about his probity. Now with the release of these documents there may actually be another reason and that is that the board was about to rumble Te Reo Marama for double dipping for services that they had already been paid for by MinHealth. Remember, Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook skites to all who will listen that he can’t be touched, that the Maori party are his mates. Maybe he has mates elsewhere?

The documents that I have released progressively over the past three days show just how hopelessly inept our Ministry of Health officials are at managing the taxpayers money. That despite 7 years of funding a dodgy outfit like Te Reo Marama and an obvious trougher like Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook they only do one two day audit and even then fail to look at the financial situation of the organisation. The after the damning audit report is delivered to the Ministry continue to fund this fool an additional $500,000 of taxpayer money over the next two yearswhile at the same time he is claiming funds from other Health organisations for exactly the same deliverables.

Thank god that the new Health Minister Tony Ryall has knocked any further funding to Te Reo Marama on the head on July otherwise even more money may have paid to further enrich Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook and enhance his personal airline points scheme.

Tomorrow: More troughing by Te Reo Marama from the HBDHB