Going, Going, Gone!

As perhaps the only person who has ever stood up to Pearl Going I think I am justified is saying I told you so to all those wankers who defended her and her fraudulent way. That includes the lefty wanker Russell Brown and the putz lawyer Steven Price who unsuccessfully tried to sue me. Fuck you both, today I have been vindicated.

Pearl Going is a faker, a liar and a fraud and today the Herald on Sunday finally grew some balls and ran a story contrary to Pork Chop’s glowing endorsement of the liar.

Remember the lying bitch even went to the police over my claims about her.

Anyway today the HoS covers the magical Waiheke Island Mystery Tour arranged by the liar and faker Pearl Going. The lies just continue to grow.

So far we know this about Pearl Going;

  • Speaks Arabic, French and Spanish but can barely type in English
  • Has a BSc from Otago. (They have no record)
  • she also says she has no degree
  • Says she went to Senior College (They have no record)
  • Says she went to Oxford University in 2006 where she studied Human Sciences, Politics and International Relations at New College. She says she studied medicine for two and a half years at Oxford. (I have a letter from Oxford saying she never, ever enrolled)
  • also AUT in 2002 where she studied Human Sciences
  • also Canterbury in 2005 where she studied international studies
  • she says she has a pilot?s licence but won?t say where from.
  • Says she last flew up north but will give no details.
  • Says her ?Clean? jeans are made in NZ She wont say where. She says they are sold at a store in LA She wont say where. She also says they are sold a ?best seller? in Barneys
  • She says she sourced the red silk for Natalie Portman?s dress for Zac Posen,
  • She says she was engaged to ?Leon Rothschild and that he slashed his wrists at the end of last year when she broke off with him.
  • She says she is a friend of NY socialite Tinsley Mortimer.
  • Says she is mates with Marc Jacobs and was his fabric buyer and that she was Zac Posen?s muse.
  • When asked if the Tinsley Mortimer quote on her Facebook was about her and she went all coy and smiled.
  • She says she was in Brazil doing charity work and saved lives in a plane crash which she was in.
  • She has siblings by different fathers. The siblings are part maori
  • She says 2 weeks before her 16th birthday she was drugged and raped by [removed by request of person concern] who abused her for six hours and then left her body in a dumpster. [person’ name deleted as per request] is a pilot now living in the UK. I am told he is a very very decent and good young guy.
  • She says she has breast cancer
  • She says her mother has cancer of the colon and is going into hospital.
  • She says her father is an alcoholic because of what happened to ?his little girl?.
  • She says she supports orphanages in Burma, Fiji and Sierra Leone but will give no details. She pictures of herself with Thai kids.
  • She says she worked for FairTrade and Amnesty.
  • She says she has spent 71 days in NZ in 2008 and maybe 6 months in NY in 2007 but she is in and out a lot so no specifics.
  • The Clean Green Air company doesn?t google.
  • She did used to work for Powercall as a telemarketer
  • Her mum?s name is Maxine 021 18X XXXX. She is a massage therapist and cleaner
  • She applied for a job at FairTrade with a stethescope hanging out of her bag and wearing scrubs. and she got job with forged refs from Oxford that said she was the brightest student they had seen.
  • Says she is ?23 and ?28
  • Says she lives off Trust Fund
  • Says she dated Peter Hujlich but threw a glass of wine on him when he called Peter Stewart a paedophile. He denies even knowing Peter Stewart
  • Has a handbag label using pleather – which is supposedly eco-friendly leather but which is actually plastic
  • Was a pilot in Brazil, saved everyone in a crash with her medical degree
  • Grew up on a farm in Southland next to the Stewarts, Pieter is her mum?s best friend also that she grew up in Tutakaka in a hippy family
  • Worked for the UN for years
  • Has been offered a job by Kate Sylvester after knowing her ten minutes
  • Been on a?yacht?with Richard Branson, who is her ?friend? watching the moon rise

Now we can add doesn’t own and nor does her family a multi-million dollar mansion on Waiheke Island. In fact her and her mad mother probably have just lost their cleaning contract for the mansion they “borrowed”.

This woman is a menace to society and nothing more than a con-woman and a fraud. Isaac Likes is onto it and he was there. His story in two parts so far is riveting. I’ll just bet that the old lady on the bus who was the Fed-Ex rep was her mad mother.

I can also reveal yet another pseudonym for the Pearler. Recently a person I have never met asked to be my friend on Facebook. I generally don’t “friend” people I have never met or haven’t been recommended by people I do know and even then I check, but my suspicions were aroused. That person is Lara McNamara.Five different people have warned me that this person is one of the alter ego’s of Pearl Going.

It is clear that Pearl Going has some sort of personality disorder that makes her create multiple personalities and live a life of complete fantasy. The sad thing is that she has friends that enable her to do this. Hopefully after this disaster she will have been stopped or at the very least learned her lesson.