Gotcha! T.R.M. Funding Cut ? Still doesn?t get it.

Despite veteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, director of Te Reo Marama, taxpayer funded overseas jaunts coming to a spectacular end, he still doesn?t get it.

The repeaters in MSM including TV One?s Te Karere have picked up on this story (video), brought to you by WOBH. Incredibly, tougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook (what’s with the Keffiyeh around the neck, is the prick a terrorist?) seems to believe that he has a God given right to continue to receive taxpayer money when he has achieved nothing (aside from flying around the world non junkets numerous times a year). In his 6 monthly reports to the MOH, which cost the taxpayer $200,000, he had the cheek to include the travel as an output and meeting his group Te Reo Marama?s objectives. However, Shane Kawenata Bradbrook can?t seem to get his messages right because on one hand he says ?the MOH didn?t explain it to him? and then says that ?most of the overseas travel was paid for by someone else?. Not only that he professes to represent maori but couldn’t even utter one word in maori in Te Karere!

Sources close to the Maori Affairs Select Committee have suggested that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook was trying to be a ?special adviser? to the committee?s upcoming enquiry into the evil tobacco industry. Even WOBH has been approached to appear before and table these findings to the Committee.

Imagine a situation where all this troughing evidence was presented before the MPs on this committee, who then turn around to Shane Kawenata Bradbrook (as their special adviser) to ask why after near on a decade of troughing Maori smoking rates are still so incredibly high and after millions of dollars had gone to his organisation?

Naturally, WOBH has more evidence to demonstrate a complete breakdown in the relationship between the MOH and Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, following the damning audit report of his organisation Te Reo Marama and its fellow troughing trustee directors Sue Taylor of T&T Consulting, Marguerite McGuckin of Mid Central DHB, Leah Clark, Health Promotion Advisor, Regional Public Health Lower Hutt, and super trougher Heather Gifford from the Whakauae Research Services, Whanganui. We haven’t published those documents yet for two reasons, we wanted to see what the trougher’s reaction would be and we wanted to hold something back in case the repeaters took the story unattributed. Those documents, including meeting minutes between MOH and Te Reo Marama will now be published over the next few days to show that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook was lying when he said who funded his travel.

WOBH also understands that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook has been writing references for himself and distributing them to his disappearing friends asking them to sign their name to letters of support of him and Te Reo Marama. The man puts Rodney Hide?s audacity to shame. At least Rodney apologised and repaid the money. Will Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and his fellow trustee directors do the same?

I think I will now take up the invitation to attend the Maori Affairs Select Comittee and present my evidence in total over the utter and complete failure of Te Reo Marama and their excessive troughing.